Fashion Design Course (FD)

Fashion design is the design of things that are worn on the body (clothing). Although integration of considerations such as culture and perception is important, designers must also consider the purpose and intended usage of the clothing they design—this is an absolutely vital element in the fashion design field.

First-Year ― What is the significance of “wearing” something?—thinking about clothing to establish a firm foundation

In this course, students begin studying specialized subjects during their first year: they acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for making clothing, which include creation of design images, drawing, modeling and actual making of the items, while also cultivating three-dimensional expressive abilities. In addition to technical aspects, students also examine the subject of fashion, which most are already very familiar with, and search out the true meaning behind the act of “wearing” something. Fashion is a means of expressing the self, and it can also lift up people’s spirits (among other psychological effects), making it a truly deep and fascinating field. Students enrolled in this course will explore the concepts of “wearing” and “clothing,” learning about fashion history, forms, materials, detailing and other aspects of the field while trying their hand at fashion design in order to build a solid base of knowledge and skill.

Second-Year ― Fostering the ability to give form to ideas while enriching perspectives

Second-year studies incorporate aspects of the fashion business itself as students enhance their general expressive capabilities and grasp on three-dimensional balance cultivated during first-year studies in order to foster the knowledge and skills necessary for working in the apparel business. More specifically, students learn about the entire process extending from planning to product commercialization through hands-on research, information analysis, product plan drafting, presentations and more. They also create actual articles of clothing in order to deepen their understanding of characteristics and use of designs, diagrams and materials. All of the skills students acquire through these classes can be utilized in any job within the industry. We aim to cultivate not only highly specialized knowledge and skills in each student, but also the ability to understand the fashion industry as a whole and make use of a wide-reaching perspective encompassing factory production, business development and other related factors.