Specialized Design Department

Kuwasawa Design School (KDS) started out by teaching nighttime courses. People from various different backgrounds explored the concept of design itself by searching out its role in society to learn more about the subject and create new trends in the field—this academic mood remains unchanged at KDS today. Some of our students currently work as designers and enroll to improve themselves further, others join us as novices in pursuit of a career change into the design field, and others still have completed university-level education and graduated but strive to increase their specialized knowledge further. KDS acts as an academic venue for people of different ages with differing perspectives to gather and inspire each other. The nighttime program effectively condenses three-year curriculums into two years, and it is unique in its use of an academic approach that focuses simultaneous on both fundamental and specialized subjects.

Specialized Design Department Curriculum  ⇒ Visual Design Course
 ⇒ Product Design Course
 ⇒ Spatial Design Course
 ⇒ Fashion Design Course