About the School

Today’s world is changing rapidly as it seeks out new values as well as new lifestyles and culture. Our conceptual goal at Kuwasawa Design School (KDS) is to cultivate human resources for the future who are capable of responding to such needs both in mental and material terms.

However, students must cultivate the ability to give shape to new lifestyles for a better tomorrow through the specialized field of design in order to reach this goal—this is our specific educational target as a school. The field of design is constantly expanding, and we strive to train people who can carry out creative design in the design field of their choosing using the skills they have gained, utilize real-life limitations and restrictions as fuel for originality, and contribute to the building of a new society. The desires of human beings continue to grow without limits—this can be viewed as a kind of evolutionary process. One might say that the task of a designer is to respond to these desires and needs by providing appropriate directionality and expression. By acting as a mediator for the coming era as well as for the lifestyle and cultural developments that we need as a society, the designer is able to achieve real success. KDS strives to be a school that fosters designers like this who serve as leaders of their times.