Yoko Kuwasawa, founder

Yoko Kuwasawa, the founder of Kuwasawa Design School (KDS), originally worked in architecture-related journalism, interior design, accessory design and other design fields in the late 1930s and early 1940s, and during this time she was exposed to and became strongly influenced by the Bauhaus style. As she engaged in design work focused on factors such as functionality and rationality, she came to feel strongly that fundamental, general design education and specialized design education were very important, and expended great effort to make them a reality. In 1954, during this time of enthusiastic devotion, she was able to win the cooperation of spirited teachers, artists and designers active in their fields and open a small private school, which was the first incarnation of KDS. The very idea of opening a specialized design school was revolutionary at that time, and since its founding KDS has boasted a unique educational style that does not shy away from the trial-and-error approach and is characterized by both strength and flexibility. Over half a century has passed since the school was first opened, and since that time more than 20,000 students have graduated and become active designers in various places. These excellent achievements have garnered high praise, which serves as a gift of sorts for the hard work of those graduates as well as for those working at KDS.