School Facilities

Kuwasawa Design School (KDS) is located atop a hill between Tokyo’s Shibuya and Harajuku districts. The urban center of Shibuya is located to the south—a cityscape of gigantic TV screens, advertising billboards and posters that blend together with the surrounding scenery, filled with store windows displaying ultra-fashionable products. Walk north and you will reach Harajuku, a neighborhood filled with buildings designed by contemporary architects as well as numerous stores designed by up-and-coming designers. Pedestrians in the area carry shopping bags from popular shops and wear the very latest in fashion—this area is a treasure trove of real-life design examples, offering a glimpse of everything from creation to consumption. The latest happenings of the world are available right there in front of you, giving you the chance to observe again and again to develop your critical eye. In addition, KDS’s convenient location makes it easy to recruit top-notch instructors who are active in their fields, giving students numerous chances to learn valuable lessons during classes and make various acquaintanceships.

Studios A and B

Studios A and B Studios A and B These large spaces are used for various types of classes for students in all academic years, with first- and second-year students mainly using the studios for sculpting (creating arms, necks, human forms and other objects from clay) and sketching. In addition, the studios are also used for combined classes involving students in different courses, as workspaces for graduation projects, etc.

Computer Room

Computer Room The computer room has various types of equipment, enabling its use as a practice space for a wide range of classes. Students may use the room freely during specified non-class hours, and color and poster-sized printing are available (for a fee). In addition, newly enrolled students may take part in free introductory workshops covering the use of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. A staff member is always present in the computer room to answer software- and computer-related questions.

Computer Room No. 2

Computer Room No. 2 This computer room is for class-use only. It is mainly utilized by photography classes.

Print Room

Print Room Print Room This room is equipped with a screen printing table, etching press, lithographic printing press, light table and more. It is used for four different types of printing classes: silk screen printing, etching, lithography and woodblock printing.


Workshop Workshop This facility and all of its tools can be used by any student at KDS. Available dates and times for workshop use are shown on the bulletin board in the craft-working area. One of our technical staff will provide kind assistance if you have any questions about facility usage, equipment utilization methods, etc.

Student Hall

Student Hall Student Hall The layout of this student hall was designed by former KDS president and internationally-known interior designer Shigeru Uchida. Complete with a vending machine corner and a smoking area, this facility is a popular spot for lunch, tea breaks and more. The terrace offers a breathtaking view.

Career Consultation Corner

Career Consultation Corner Career Consultation Corner Those seeking jobs in the design field can apply here to various different companies. Full-time and part-time job availability notices are divided into student areas of specialization posted, and both current students and KDS graduates can make use of this facility’s services and also consult the stuff about a job.


Library Library With a primary focus on design, architecture, art and photography, this library offers approximately 23,000 books, 240 types of Japanese and Western magazines, and 1,300 audio-visual materials for students. Because this facility is used regularly by students, its atmosphere is always brimming with energy. The library also accepts requests for materials that may be useful for classes and design-related education.

Student Store

Student Store Student Store At this store, students can purchase almost any type of art supply they need for classes. The staff can also provide detailed answers to any questions that you may have.