Kuwasawa Design School Career Support

We established a free-of-charge job introduction facility after receiving relevant certification from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and our staff provide consultations to both daytime and nighttime program students, help with preparation of necessary paperwork, offer advice, and provide introductions to suitable employers. Starting from the time of initial student enrollment, staff members help prepare students mentally for becoming a designer, and before hiring season begins they also hold special talks and seminars centering on student guidance, informational presentations by guests from various companies, career consulting and more.

Post-Graduation Options

Since our founding, we have sent over 20,000 graduates out into the world. Many of these talented individuals have worked as industry-leading designers, entrepreneurs and more, contributing toward Kuwasawa Design School’s excellent reputation throughout society. Students on the path to graduation at KDS have strong and clear intentions from their time of initial enrollment, and most of them strive to become designers. However, a designer is not someone who undertakes work based on a license or certification of some sort; rather, a designer must exhibit true talent by utilizing his or her knowledge, skills and sensibilities to the fullest. That is why design work offers great possibilities and a sense of purpose.

Many jobs in fashion design are at ready-made clothing manufacturers, and in addition to designers, planners and pattern makers are also in demand. Relatively large companies that handle everything from planning to production and sales are the norm. There are also opportunities for positions as graphic designers, editorial designers, illustrators, interior designers, interior coordinators and more at places of employment ranging from corporations to small-scale design offices. Among corporate designers, many work as package designers, industrial designers, architectural designers, etc.