Comprehensive Design Department

The General Design Department course does not continue for four years as at a university nor for two years as at a standard vocational school; the daytime program at KDS has a unique curriculum that requires three years of study. We provide fundamental education to strengthen students’ educational foundations during the first year in order to develop their latent sensibilities. During the second year, students are divided into specialized fields where they obtain basic knowledge and skills. And finally, third-year students put their knowledge to practical use in many different ways in order to further enrich their design skills, which include expressiveness, constructive capabilities and creativity. In these times of fast-paced change, technique alone does not suffice in the field of design. Students must acquire fundamental, deep-seated abilities in order to bring people joy and contribute to society, no matter what era or society they may be active in. This is the type of education that KDS aims to provide.

Comprehensive Design Department First-Year Curriculum  ⇒ Design Studies
 ⇒ Student-Selected Subjects
 ⇒ Basic Design
 ⇒ Fundamental Design

Comprehensive Design Department Second- and Third-Year Curriculums  ⇒ Visual Design Course
 ⇒ Product Design Course
 ⇒ Spatial Design Course
 ⇒ Fashion Design Course

Graduation Projects (Seminars)  ⇒ Graduation Projects (Seminars)